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Diary of a Rescue Dog: Noodle

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 10

Noodle12 By The Squashed Tomato

Goodness me, 10 weeks already? I really cannot even remember where I came from...those days of fear and hunger are but a distant memory in my mind, and I really only remember them when I read back in my diary. Besides, I have got SO much to keep me busy, and I wouldn't give this life up for anything! 

I've got some great news! I am 100% mended from my big operation of 2 weeks ago. My spay incision is barely visible, apart from a small swollen bump which the vet says is perfectly normal. We're keeping an eye on it just in case. I've had my stitches removed on my back legs, and they're looking much healthier and better. When I smile, all you can see now is one row of super shiny, healthy white teeth - although, to my family's dismay, having one less teeth hasn't meant that I stop biting. I especially like to nip my Mommy's ankles when I want to tell her to play with me. I don't see why she thinks it's so sore - I bite my brothers and sisters, and they just bite me back when its too sore. I think my Mom might be a bit of a baby! Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 9

noodle11  By The Squashed Tomato 

I had really hoped that I'd be all better this week, and that my BIG operation of last week would be a thing of the past. Well, to be honest, it almost is... my spay incision is almost gone already (I must heal quickly!) and my "spare teeth" are a forgotten memory. The ONLY problem I had is with my dew clew removal stitches. Remember that I had both double dew claws removed, and that they had to make big cuts into the backs of my hindlegs, with 9 stitches apiece? Obviously, with such an operation, you'd need to keep off your feet, rest a lot, take it easy, bla bla bla! C'mon guys, I'm a 6 month old puppy! I don't know the meaning of "rest"! Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 8

noodle10   By The Squashed Tomato

Hi everyone! Please excuse my late diary post today, but I really haven't been feeling so great. You see, I went in for my "operation" on Monday, and had quite an ordeal for such a small girl. As a result, I've been spending this week making sure that I get loads of rest, healthy food, and tons of love from my humans! Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 7

noodle9  By Linda Harding

Can you believe that, this time 9 weeks ago, I was still wandering the dusty, scary streets of Du Noon? I hadn't even been spotted yet by African Tails, and my foster mommies had no idea yet that they'd be getting a little fluffy companion for 2 weeks. Nor did my Mommy know that she be getting me forever! Time really does fly when you're having fun, and I doubt that any other rescue puppy is having as much fun as I am! Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 6

noo8 By The Squashed Tomato

It's official. I am going through a growth spurt! I'm either tearing around the house at top speed, wolfing down my food (and that of my brothers and sisters - it's not my fault if they're not fast enough!) or having a big sleep. My Mom swears that my legs grow longer everyday, and that I am filling out. I'm packing on the kilograms as well, which is a very welcome change from my original scrawny state! My grandparents are most impressed with how I clean my bowl every mealtime, as my siblings (especially Toby) can sometimes be rather tricky eaters. Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 5

Noodle7   By The Squashed Tomato

This week, I have literally grown like a beanstalk! My already-long legs seem longer, and I have been filling out. My feet, which didn't have any hair when I came home, are now covered in gorgeous fur – and the same for my round little belly! I am the same height as Milo, now, and he and I enjoy wild games together. Often, Bonny (going on 11 years) will join in, and the three of us fall about and play for ages. Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 4


noo5  By Linda Harding

I've been enjoying staying with my Granny and Grandpa so much, that my Mom decided that it would be a good idea for us to both extend our stay a little. I'm really turning into such a great girl, and spend hours playing with my new brothers and sisters.

My Grandpa and Mom have recently nicknamed me "Shark Tooth"! You see, due to my first few months of malnutrition and neglect, I wasn't able to teeth properly – so, most of my baby teeth still haven't fallen out and my permanent teeth have already come through, which means I now have two rows of teeth! The vet said that this isn't a big issue, and they will wait for me to finish teething completely. Once I have all of my "big girl" teeth, they will do a small operation to remove any stubborn baby ones – and will most likely do this when I go in to get spayed. Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog – Week 3

noodle3 By The Squashed Tomato

This is going to be a short entry, as I am so busy playing outside! My mommy brought me through to spend the week with Granny and Grandpa, and their FIVE dogs, so I have been kept thoroughly entertained and hardly get a second to myself!

I absolutely love all of my new brothers and sisters. Bonny is the eldest, at 12 years, and she is a purebred German Shepherd. She thinks she is my mommy, and spends all day showing me around and licking me until I look like I fell in the pool! Heathcliff, 6 years old, is a little shorter than me and the alpha male in the pack – my grandparents rescued him as a 6 week old puppy, who was being thrown like a tennis ball by a group of street children. Next, we have Toby, a 17 month old purebred German Shepherd. I was most nervous of him, as he still think's he is a puppy, even though he is massive! It's quite daunting when a huge dog comes bearing down on you, but we are now the best of friends. I had a great sleep outside in the sun with him yesterday, lying between his paws! Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog: Week 2

Noo2 By Linda Harding/The Squashed Tomato

As I lie here on my wonderful Rogz bed, snuggled in a pink fleecy blanket and with a tummy full of delicious dinner, I struggle to believe that I was wondering the streets of Du Noon a little over a month ago.

My second week with my forever mommy has been so much fun! Her mommy (my granny) has been helping out a lot, which I have loved, as Granny spoils me so much. Mom and Granny have been quite worried about my skin, as I was biting and scratching constantly, even though I have no fleas anymore. Thanks to some anti-itch tablets for dogs, as well as a daily dose of Efazol oil (mixed into a yummy "eggnog" of ½ cup milk and 1 whole egg), I am biting far less often. My coat is also starting to get thicker, much softer and I have even started to shine! Granny says that this daily eggnog mixture is brilliant, as the protein from the egg and the calcium in the milk is so good for my development. Read more...

Diary of a Rescue Dog – Week 1

Furkidz_FB_Logo_2 By Linda Harding / The Squashed Tomato

My puppy is now asleep, and I finally have a moment to sit down and pen the first entry of our diary. You see, Noodle is a rescue puppy, and has an amazing story to tell. Despite her difficult start in life, her brown eyes sparkle with the promise of her life to come. As she lies here next to me, warm and totally content, I cannot help but smile. I may have saved her life, but little does she know that she has made mine infinitely better for being in it. Read more...

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