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Our NEW FurKidz website is online!

Please go straight to www.FurKidz.org.za and browse through 1000's of adoption listings to find your perfect match! The website FurKidz.co.za will no longer be updated.

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Ambassador for the voiceless!


What is LLF?                          llf_logo

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organization that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals, but also socially uplifts and educates destitute and impoverished children and people in and around Cape Town, and has been improving the lives of animals and families since its inception in 2010.

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What is LLF´s vision?

LLF envisage a respected and educated society with healthy, sterilized, happy and fed animals, where there is no more inhumanity, cruelty and neglect. Lucky Lucy Team is giving hope to the hopeless and showing our society that every life matters.

What does LLF do?

LLF makes every effort to reach every destitute, impoverished and poor individual in every community that they work in and in doing so they enter into a conversation on their level, respecting them and understanding their situation. The importance of sterilization, feeding, clean water, primary health care like vaccinations, deworming etc. is thoroughly explained and once understood they show them what the results can be when it is done.

LLF has a plan to build:
a rescue and rehabilitation centre not only for animals but for people too
• a free of charge animal hospital on LLF's farm
an upliftment, education and training centre
a children's hospital for kids between the ages of 0-5.


What does LLF aim at?

LLF is focused on getting as many animals sterilized as they possibly can to prevent an increase of animals in already over-populated areas. Society spends millions on eliminating (euthanizing) unwanted animals but this is a quick solution and does not solve the issue long term.

On a weekly basis, LLF visits the poorest communities -- not only to help the dogs and cats but to help the people and children as well. Every pet owner who gives LLF their animals for sterilization will receive food for their animals as well as for themselves every few weeks. The animals that LLF rescue are brought to the LLF farm. Here, the animals receive the proper rehabilitation to become perfect companions in order to be re-homed more successfully.

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One of LLF mottos is "EDUCATION NOT CONFISCATION – teaching of justice, respect and compassion for all life!" People in poorer communities do not have the necessary knowledge. The children learn this desensitized way of life that they can harm, hurt or kill, yet remain indifferent. They become accustomed to pain and suffering. Cruelty becomes routine and animal abuse prevents these children from developing empathy. By teaching them another way of life, a change will occur. LLF teaches individuals life skills, like vegetable gardening, woodworking etc. which they can use to create employment and therefore instilling responsibility; they can start caring for themselves, their families and their animals. LLF uplifts these communities by giving, not only time but also the materials needed.

They have a goal of "not confiscating and euthanizing but educating and sterilizing", which means in the long run that fewer shelters will be full and less euthanasia will take place. This may take more time and cost a bit more financially but the long term effect it will have on our society is what matters.

Understanding Pet Food Labels

dog_eating   Read what Paul Jacobson a Pet Food Nutritionist, qualified chef and owner of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition recommends: 

Last week, many dogs died from a deadly toxin found in their pet food. Despite the fact that the pet food industry is a regulated industry, and that all pet food has to be labelled in terms law, it was very clear that the industry has not been open, transparent and forthcoming with their labelling and ingredients.

It is our responsibility as pet carers and responsible consumers to understand the food that we and our companions consume and understand the jargon written on our labels.

The two main criteria for the industry, "Balance" and "guaranteed analysis" should not be the only standard set by the regulatory bodies, but also the quality and type of ingredients used.

Dogs Killed by Deadly Toxin

dog_eating   Read what Paul Jacobson a Pet Food Nutritionist, qualified chef and owner of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition reports: 

A few weeks ago more than 20 dogs were killed by a deadly fungal toxin found in local pet food. In 2007, thousands of companion animals died or became sickened after melamine was discovered in their normal pet food.

Over the years there have been many pet food recalls world-wide. In fact, in the last 12 years there have been no less than 13 serious pet food recalls. It is clear that these "freak occurrences" happen more often than we realise or the industry gives credit for. Read more...

Do you allow your dog on the couch?

dogs-on-couch   By Venessa Dace (Sprogs n dogs)

This debate has become a 'bone' of contention in our house. Back in the day when we were footloose and kiddie-free (with no dark rings under our eyes!), our Am Staff Diesel was allowed on the couch – and the bed, and the front seat of the car. Read more...

Our FurKidz Behaviourist!



Exciting News! We have a new addition to the FurKidz Team and a new section on the website!

From now on FurKidz Behaviourist Bernice Jaffe will be there to help you with your furry worries and answer all your questions about behavioural problems like barking, aggression, fear, phoebias, destructivness or puppy training and will give you valuable advice about adopting a rescue, bringing your new dog home etc. etc. 

Bernice is a fulltime Animal Behaviourist with loads of experience. She will answer your questions quickly, professionally and free of charge. So ask away...! 


Cinderella's fairy tail - update!


african_tails        The red carpet was rolled out on Thursday 23 September 2010 for Princess Cinderella (sporting her glossy,mange-free coat) when she joined the African Tails Pack as our guest of honour at our exciting Brand New Bakkie Handover. An enormous, face-licking, tail-wagging thank you goes out to our mysterious, anonymous Bakkie Benefactor for answering our prayers and making our dream of having a reliable, fuel efficient vehicle to further our work come true.



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