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AACL In Need Of Blankets


Winter will soon arrive and the Animal Anti Cruelty League branches in Epping and Bellville would like to prepare early this year to make sure all their dogs and cats have warm and cosy blankets. Please donate a blanket or two! For more info please call the AACL Bellville on 021 951 3010 or the AACL Epping on 021 534 6426.

Just Another Stray Dog Story...

max6 max7 

Max (also known as "Pete") was rescued by a poor, old lady in Eerste River who looks out for all the strays in her area. He had been roaming the streets for weeks and had stones hurled at him by residents. Max was bullied and tormented by the neighbourhood that he inhabited until the kind lady managed to finally win his trust and take him into her care. Read more...

Rescued: Petunia, Anabelle & Rose

Anabelle1 Petunia_and_Rose   

The Uitsig Animal Rescue reports: "We got a call from a supporter living in Wellington on the 11th of January. Nothing prepared us for what we saw:

Trotting over the road was a mommy and her two pups, on their way to drink some dirty water on the side of the road. Sitting watching them was their owners – people of their community, eating, laughing and chatting as if nothing was wrong.

We saw a mommy dog in a state, but what got to us was her puppies they didn't even look like dogs. Read more...


Update: Chrissie`s Wonderful Recovery


chrissie3 chrissie2 chrissie1 

I must be honest, I thought this couldn't be, but I am alive, I feel light, i feel love and I have hope! I am still scared and unsure but my whole body folds up in curls and twirls with excitement when I feel just the softest hand caress my crusted head. My hair is growing and I have 'bum-fluff' all over, my skin is soft and without any burns with just a few itches but so I will learn. Read more...

Chissie is getting better!


chrissie2 chrissie1

Just a short update on Chrissie and a few new pics showing that she is getting better each day. Please continue supporting the Lucky Lucy Foundation and Uitsig Animal Rescue they need all the help they can get to cover the cost of Chrissie`s and many other dogs wellbeing and rehabilitation. Read more...

Fostering Saves Lives!


uitsiganimalrescue    We at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre can't do what we do without the support of volunteers. Volunteers are a vital part of our animal rescue centre and we need you to help us show our rescues a little compassion, understanding, love, affection and of course, to help exercise them.

One of the hardest and most challenging aspects of our rescue centre is to find volunteers willing to foster an animal in need. A network of foster homes is essential to both the animals and our rescue centre.

A foster home is a temporary home where an animal gets a chance to develop, socialise and grow within a safe and nurturing home environment. Foster homes are needed for animals used to a family environment that are not managing in kennels, for animals recuperating from operations and for puppies that require bottle feeding in the occasional instances where the puppies are rescued without their mom. Read more

Mass Sterilization DAY 1

african_tails 20 dogs have been sterilized on Days 1 of African Tails Mass Sterilization Campaing in Joe Slovo on the 17th of January 2011! Many more sterilisations will be done during the next two days...

Day_1_Mass_Sterilisation_AT-1 Day_1_Mass_Sterilisation_AT-6 Day_1_Mass_Sterilisation_AT-3

Day_1_Mass_Sterilisation_AT-2  Day_1_Mass_Sterilisation_AT-5  Day_1_Mass_Sterilisation_AT-7 
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