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Search Tips


Our FurKidz Finder is designed to help you find your perfect match. If you are not getting the search results you hoped for maybe the following tips will help:

1. Mixed Breeds:

Many of the advertised FurKidz are mixes. In these cases, the breed listed is the one that best matches their looks and personality. So if you are looking for a Husky our FurKidz Finder will also show you all Husky Crossbreeds looking for a loving home. Only if the mix is too colorful to determine shelters will list choose the option Crossbreed.

2. Subjective Categories:

Many of the search categories are subjective. One person's "large" is another's "medium." Not all posters are equally skilled at breed identification. To maximize success, you may want to expand your search and try different configurations.

3. Expand your search:

For example, in the size dropdown box instead of searching for a small sized dog try also medium or miniature or just leave the field blank. Since rescue groups and shelters designate size and age criteria the standards they use may be slightly different.

For instance, while a search for a...

Type: Dog

Age: up to 5 months

Size: Medium

Breed: Boxer

...does not list any results, a search for the same criteria with exception of size replaced by SIZE: large may get a result.

4. Use less search criteria:

Instead of filling in each search field, leave some of them blank to get more results


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