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Featured FurKidz@ Animal Action: Become a foster family!

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Animal Action is a non-profit organisation based in Durban that is run by a small and dedicated group of people who are passionate about animals.

Beginnig of this year Animal Action Dog Rescue have changed their name to Project Dog. Project Dog are just like you. Ordinary people who are crazy about dogs and want to help in any way they can.

Project Dog are very much in need of volunteers who are prepared to foster dogs and /or puppies.

All that's needed is a little area that can be made puppy safe, a little feeding, a little cleaning and of course a bunch of love! There are very few things in life more rewarding than sending a dog on their life journey with a new loving family and knowing that you played a little part in making their life a good one!

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Fostering can be structured in a way that works with your lifestyle, commitments and property features. Project DOg provides all of the basic supplies you will need to foster an animal, especially food, blankets and medical treatment.

When considering becoming a foster parent, it is important to take into account your schedule, your home environment, and your willingness to give a significant portion of your free time to your foster animal. If you have a full-time job, fostering puppies might not be for you, as they need to be let out and fed every few hours. However, an adult dog could be left alone for a portion of the day, which could work for someone with a full-time schedule.

The joys of fostering are as varied as the people who foster. One thing that everyone gains is the satisfaction of knowing that you were directly responsible for saving an animal's life.

If you would like to assist Project Dog in fostering puppies, please contact Quicha on 083 272 2701.

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Featured Furkidz: ARK Animal Centre

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So young and already homeless: This is the situation of all the puppies at the ARK Animal Centre. Imagine how it is to grow up in a shelter. Nobody wants that.

The ARK animal centre is a shelter especially for rescued little puppies. Some of them are only a few weeks old, but some are already there for months. They get almost everything they need: medical treatments, food and a place to live – but what the little doggies really miss is love and a caring home.

There are about 70 little sweethearts who are waiting for a new family where they can grow up and spend the rest of their lives with. They are mostly found at the street side, lost and all alone.

Please take a little of your time and visit the ARK animal centre. You will instantly fall in love with all those sweet puppies! And maybe you will find your new best friend! Click here to see all ARK's pups waiting for homes.

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