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Feature: Snowy FurKidz

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There is one way in which cats differ from all other animals and that is in the effect they have on human beings.

Many people feel indifferent about dogs, horses or caged birds. They may have one of their own and be fond of it or they may not care for them at all, but either way they are not deeply affected. A few are sentimental about their own pets, but one rarely hears of a dog, horse or budgerigar phobia. Cats on the other hand, produce strong human reactions, and there are comparatively few people who just "don't mind" cats. They seem to be strangely magnetic animals with an equally strong power to fascinate or repel, for most humans faced unexpectedly with one admit either that he "adores" cats or "can't stand the sight" of them. 

Feature: Our Beautiful Felines

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Why Adopt An Adult Cat?

Many sweet, well-mannered older cats are overlooked by adopters who have eyes only for kittens. 

Feature: Black is Beautiful

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The Black Dog Syndrome

Animals are being adopted from shelters every day, but for some reason black dogs rarely make the cut. This is so common, that it has become a problem known as 'Black Dog Syndrome'. Black dogs and cats are frequently overlooked for adoption, especially if the dog is larger. The shortage of adoptions has lead to a high rate of euthanasia for these dark companion animals. There is no solid explanation behind the 'Black Dog Syndrome' phenomenon, but there are many possibilities that could contribute to people making the unconscious choice to adopt lighter colored animals. 

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