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Featured FurKidz

Featured FurKidz @ Kitty and Puppy Haven

mars toto Billy toby

Oh please, take your time and have a look at these "havenly" puppies residing at Kitty and Puppy Haven in 271 Corlett Drive. 

chip panda doc lony nem

If you are looking to adopt a young cat or dog you will find your perfect match right there! For any further information about these stunning boys and girls, please contact Kitty and Puppy Haven on 011 440 2404, click here to see all their pups looking for homes!

cricket chewbakka teddy apllo

Featured FurKidz: FORA - Friends of rescued animals

bora SUltan tequila juliet

Located close to Johannesburg, FORA is one of the biggest animal shelters in Gauteng. More than four hundreds dogs and nearly 150 cats have a temporary shelter at the Friends of Rescued Animals' property. 

FORA's motto is "Endless hope, not a hopeless end!" and they do their best to achieve this goal!

While the animals are waiting for their forever home, the shelter management works hard to guarantee a livable stay for each animal. There is however a lot to do, so please come and help! Every volunteer is warmly welcomed and some of the kennels and runs are equipped with toys for the animals so you can play with them all day long, but they love it even more when you take them out for a walk outside of the enclosures. 

Please contact FORA for further information about volunteering and adopting on 072 413 5364.

k_43_3_025_Amigo_m_1 Bliksem_FD_0473 blueberry romeo


Featured FurKidz: Hartis Sweethearts

Buksie Orlandom2 Cookie clyde


Some of us are young
Some of us are older
Some of us are shy and scared
While some of us are bolder

Some of us are independent
Some need extra care
Some of us will greet new people
A few of us say 'beware!'

Some of us have tons of energy
Some of us prefer the couch
Some of us like kids pulling on us
Others of us would say 'ouch!'

Some of us are big and fluffy
Some are small and frail
Some of us would love go on a walk
And some will get the mail

Mugsym5Amy Marley BEar

We are all unique- us dogs and cats
A different path we roam
Many sizes, shapes, and colors
But we all want a loving home

We lost our families and wait at HAWS
For someone to come along
To take us home and call us family
We want a place to belong

In the meantime we wait and wonder
Out here in the dust and sun
"Who will be my new best friend?"
Perhaps you'll be the one...

Check out all the new animals at Haartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) and call Salome or Tania on 076 455 0322 to find out more about one of them!

Featured FurKidz: Brilliant AACL Bellville


Visiting animal shelters can be very distressing for some people. They walk down the rows of kennels and all they see are sad faces looking up at them. They find it very difficult to choose the right animal for them and their family because they want to help all of the animals, which unfortunately is just not possible.

The Anti Animal Cruelty League of Bellville is a wonderful shelter to visit. The staff is very welcoming and the shelter's smaller size will make the adopting process less overwhelming for you. The layout is very simple so you will get a chance to give every animal the consideration they deserve. They also have lovely free-runs where you can spend time and get to know your potentially new companion.

You will not regret a visit to AACL Bellville and we wish you all the luck in finding your FurKid! We know you will find what you need!

For more information please contact Alma/Helen at the AACL in Bellville on 021 951 3010.


Featured FurKidz: Ark Animal Centre

Snowball Cody Chips Jelly

Here they are! All of these super sweet pups and dogs are looking forward to finding their forever home! They are sweet, playful and well socialized and adjused litte sweethearts, just have a look and you will fall in love with every single one of them! For more information about one of them and to visit, contact Ark Animal Centre on 082 334 7596 click here to see all their adorable boys and girls up for adoption.

Nala Neon Nano Spike

Featured FurKidz: Epping Furry Friends

Rhodi Pointi cream_puppy aska creamy

Animal Anti-Cruelty League of Epping has many new arrivals, all of whom you should come visit and meet. 

Why should you adopt a dog?

Because a dog will do his best to please you and keep you smiling. He will curl up with you when you are feeling down or need some serious relaxation. He won't hold your mistakes against you or prejudge you for your looks, faults or lack of know-how. He'll be your unconditional friend and will play ball with you as long as you wish. He'll forgive you for all your mistakes, never holding them against you later. Sleeping at your feet and loving to please you, he will enjoy just spending time with you. He'll do his best to protect you, because you will be his best friend for life!

Come find your furry companion and forever FurKid! Call Veronica or Lauren on 021 534 6426 for more information

malteseXpoodle maxi thambo chakita

Featured FurKidz: Stellenbosch Companions

boelie chikko captain jj 

Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch has many new dogs and puppies that are all adorable and are truly amazing canines. Every personality is unique and lovable and we know that they will all make excellent companions for you and your family. 

Adopting a dog will save a life and will enrich another. You cannot replace the love and friendship that will grow between you and your four-legged furry friend.

Dogs found at dog shelters are some of the most loving and grateful to be rescued pals you will ever find. Many are there because of a death in the family, change in lifestyle, lack of interest, a family move that won't permit a dog and a host of other reasons that in no way impact on the desirability of the family dog that is now sitting in a cold kennel.

Come meet the dogs at Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch and we know that you will find your forever FurKid!

For more information, please contact the AWS on 021 886 4901

savannah snoekels storm lizzy

Handsome Harvey Needs a Home













  If you´re looking for the dog of your dreams look no further! Harvey is here! This 5 year old chow cross has perky ears and adoring  eyes, he´s got love to share but, sadly, no one to give it to. You see, while you and I look at Harvey and see nothing but a wonderful  dog, someone else thought differently.

 Once upon a time Harvey had a home, a family, but his owner was unkind and left Harvey to fend  for himself. All alone he survived for  6 months before he was discovered and brought to Wetnose. Harvey now has food in his belly and  a safe place to sleep. He´s warm,  he´s healthy. But Harvey knows there´s more to life than his kennel. He knows that his forever home  is out there, waiting. And  someone, someday, will stop by his kennel and fall in love.

Harvey deserves it, he loves people, he would never turn down a scratch behind the ears, and walks, he can hardly contain himself he loves walks! Harvey may not be a puppy, or a fancy breed, he knows these things. But what Harvey has is heart, he is a good dog who needs a family, one that will love him forever and never leave him behind.

Harvey stays at the Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre, please give them a call on 013 932 3941 or visit them in Rayton, Gauteng

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