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My name is Cremora and I need your help!

cremora3  My name is Cremora and I have a story to tell!!

I come from Macassar and was "dumped" at the Animal Welfare in Gordon's Bay with my friend, a staffie. One day, my "friend" and another staffie got excited over someone showing them food at the camp gate and they turned on the nearest object – which was ME!!! Read more...


The Babsfontein Disaster


3000 residents have been forcefully relocated by the Ekurhuleni Municipality which claims their homes were built on unstable dolomite land. They have been forced to leave their pets behind and CLAW has been rescuing all abandoned animals.

Please Help Rocky The Rottie!


Rocky    Uhmm.....Hello, haven't really done this before so not quite sure how it works, grrrrr. I was bred by people who specifically wanted to breed with Rottweiler's, at 4 and a half months old I was sold for R2500. Great for me as I had a family and didn't have to be in that cold cage, although I miss my brothers and sisters but the most my mom, I felt free!! Its been two years since that day and my new family were the best, we had the best life, I know they are law people, well the two legged dogs call them lawyers, and for some reason since a year ago me and my family lost everything we had, it was like I was beamed with my family from our cozy, comfy home to a cold, dark shack! Read more...

Chilla`s Story

chilla      He comes from the heart of Woodstock in Church Street. He is NOT a fighter but a VICTIM. He lived in a small courtyard of about 8 mts by 1 mtr with 1/2 a shelter (ie open front) which he had to share with Sa Sa, an extremely animal aggressive female pitbull, who mauled him continuously, undefended! I have known him for about 4 years and have tried for that length of time to get him away from the owners and Sa Sa without success until NOW! Read more...

Please can someone help me? My name is Bo...

Bo         Please can someone help me? My name is Bo. Bo, a dog, a male dog and a ray, a drop of golden sun, is what I need right now. Me, the name I call myself - far - I've had a long, long way to run. So (a needle pulling thread) I'm asking nicely for someone to please help me.

I was found one peak hour morning in the busy CBD, dashing between cars, oblivious to the danger I was in, until a kind lady saw me, stopped and called me hither. I'm a very friendly guy so I immediately hopped in the car with her, keen for an adventure, not knowing that my adventure would end up in a confined cage in at the SPCA.

What happened was that for a week, my kind lady rescuer from African Tails worked around the clock to find me the happily ever after all African Tails rescues deserve.

But everywhere I went, no one understood me. I was just so excited to be experiencing all these new things that I couldn't contain my excitement – and what's more, no one has ever really trained me or taught me how to behave properly or taught me any manners. So I was jumping up at people because I was so happy to meet all these new friends – humans, dogs and cats alike. Cats are funny creatures – all I wanted to do was play but they kept running away, so kept chasing them and when I got close enough for a game, they would swipe me with their sharp claws in my face and then I would yelp and retreat – only to try again! Read more...

It`s Raining Dogs!


Bapsfontein_Disaster_1 Bapsfontein_Disaster_3 Bapsfontein_Disaster_4

The Animal Rescue Organisations Four Paws, CLAW and Wetnose trying to rescue as many dogs as possible from the disastrous situation in Bapsfontein. The kennels of these pro-life organisations are now bursting at the seems, they urgently need your help. Please donate, adopt or foster!

This is what Four Paws reports:

On a recent visit to Bapsfontein squattercamp (outside Bronkhorstspruit), we discovered that a large section of Bapsfonteinhad been demolished and that the people had moved away and left their dogsbehind! The remaining residents told us that they were all informed that they have to move out soon. Read more...

Chrissie`s Story


Why Dear Human, Why did you throw me out of your car on the highway?

I was so scared, cars everywhere, big noisy fast things speeding past me missing me by inches. Was it because I looked different? I'm sorry I wasn't good enough, I'm sorry I am covered in sores all over, I'm sorry I was so shy.  Was it my fault that you rejected me? 

 I hurt, my sores break and bleed from mange.


My soul is broken! What did I ever do to be punished this way?

The help I need now is so extensive but it could have been avoided, if only you loved me? My hunger stung like bees in my gut, my aching, burning, itching skin bled from mange and being eaten by fleas and flies! You hung me out your car door on the R300 highway and for what reason? I don't have strength now, but one day I hope I will.

I don't have much breathe left.....please help me!


The Uitsig Animal Rescue Needs Your Help!


uitsiganimalrescue    Denay at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre has always been there to help and assist when it comes to saving animals on deathrow. She just recently, once again, accepted the 3 dogs that were to be put to sleep, into her care. Denay has never turned a dog away and due to this, she has escalated in numbers where the adoptions have just not been happening and the dogs have not stopped coming in. Read more...

The Lucky Lucy Foundation: Help Milky!


Lucky_Lucy   Dragging my legs along, trying to keep going, but I can't, I can't live day in and day out on a sewerage farm, between dirt and filth, I can't live off what I have been living off anymore. I just can't, my body aches and shivers, itches and burns, I give up....I don't understand my pain, all over, inside and out. Why did my parents dump me, why did they leave me to suffer and wither away like an autumn leaf disintegrating, making way for summer. But I can't make way for any sunshine in my life, I have got no life left in me, no fight, no strength and no reason. It's lonely here in my body, a prison. Read more...

Zorro In Dire Straits! Can You Help?


 zorro     Zorro (African Tails 2011 calendar star) is in dire straits. He was rescued one year ago in Atlantis as a scrawny, skinny pup with bad mange. He was adored and nurtured in various foster homes until he finally settled down for good with a loving and devoted family. Zorro was unfortunately a bit too vocal for them and his high pitched, incessant barking resulted in him having to be relocated to yet another foster home as he was keeping his new family out of sleep (along with their newborn baby), neighbours were complaining and nerves were frazzled.Read more...

The Story of Celine & Luz


Celine Luz     Born in this world with the hope of happiness, love, excitement, food, care, warmth and a family. Instead we were cast aside from all the rest, found wondering hopelessly along the Bottelary Road in a state of many months without warmth, proper food, care, a bath not even the slightest touch of caring affection. Our bare skins fried by the sun as our hair kept falling out, shivering in the icy cold wind and rain at night, looking for somewhere to sleep, but we can't fall asleep our hunger pangs too strong, our itching, aching bodies too weak, we kept walking and walking straight to the end. Read more...

Good News: Foster Home Found!

Shadow has found a foster home! Thanks to everyone who spread the word!

Shadow1 Shadow2

Milla's story


milla3   Milla was rescued along with 6 siblings from the Nomzamu Township in Somerset West. 4 of those siblings have already gone to their forever homes, but Milla's search continues. This is her story:

Hello everybody, my name is Milla, well that's what my foster mom calls me and I am almost 10 weeks old. About 3 weeks ago I was taken from my cold, wet and damp home along with all my brothers and sisters and sent to live with a very kind lady and her older doggy (who's a little bit grumpy). One of my sisters came to live with me, I was so happy to have her with me, because I was so scared! Read more...

Good News: ROZY found a foster home!


Rozy  ROZY has found a foster home where she can recover after her operation. Rozy will need a paw amputation due to being tied up. We still need funds for her operation, which will cost R1400, please read Rozy`s story and consider to contribute, every cent will help this poor girl! Read more...

DARG: Calling On All Cat Lovers


DARG_good_quality   CALLING ON ALL CAT LOVERS: Almost all of our wonderful, committed, regular volunteers prefer working with the dogs. As great as this is for the dogs, it leaves Glenda, our main cat care-taker, totally helpless. There are about 150 cats in six cat gardens, 24 cat rooms and a few hospital cages that need to be tended to. Glenda needs help! In the morning especially! If you think you can commit just one morning a week to help us make our feline residents as comfortable as possible, please contact us on 021 7900 383 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


My Eyes Tell A Story...


Prince's Plight

Prince_1_   Prince is a Rottweiler X from Wesbank, a small township near Delft. His owner contacted us when he injured his leg after“patrolling the neighbourhood” one night. We took him to our vet ASAP and while waiting for the vet we noticed that poor Prince was in a world of pain, not only from his swollen front paw, but he was also limping on his one back leg (opposite side than the injured front leg). It was a pitiful sight to see him trying to balance to lift his leg just to make a wee! While we waited for the vet to help Prince, he eventually collapsed from exhaustion… we had to physically pick him up again to get him into the vet’s office…Read more...

African Tails scores a new Hound Haven!


african_tails    The prayers of the African Tails team has finally been answered ... they have found a new Hound Haven! They undertake their big move this week and are on the hunt for the following items. If you can contribute ANYTHING, BIG or small, please contact Richelle on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Dominique on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The African Tails Hound Haven Wish List:

• Lawnmowers (in working condition)
• Weed Eaters
• Paint to be able to paint the house inside and out
• Paint brushes and rollers etc
• Any second hand furniture - couches, beds, chairs, cutlery, crockery (the list goes on!)
• Small bar fridges or old fridges (in working condition) and a stove or two plate stove or even better gas burners (large and small)
• Fencing (this is extremely urgent as they need to doggy proof the premises!)
• Dog kennels
• Curtains
• Cat beds and scratching posts
• Cement
• Bricks,cement slabs and paving
• Hands on help to build a small dam for our ducks
• Chicken coops
• Bales (hay)

Or absolutely ANYTHING else you think they could possibly use!

The Caspian Alexander Trust needs your help!


Caspian_Alexander_Trust   They currently have a HUGE shortage of cat food - dry and wet. If anyone in the Cape Town area could spare them any kindly contact them to make a donation. Alternatively monetary donations will also go a long way in feeding these hungry kitties and cats. 

Contact Details:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: http://www.caspianalexandertrust.org
Office: 021 448 5983
Location: 36 Kitchener Rd,Woodstock


Animals of Louwville need help by 25th of June!!!

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