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Adorable Puppy Cupcakes!

puppy_cupcakes  Our fantastic regular readers know that we post a new and delicious doggie treat recipe each week, so this one might confuse some of you! This week, we've decided that you also deserve a nice baked treat! These adorable puppy cupcakes, created by Martha Stewart, are the perfect addition to any puppy-themed party. Here at FurKidz, however, we'd like to offer up a challenge to you!

Why not bake a batch or two with friends, and sell them to raise funds for your local animal shelter? Or, host a real puppy party - invite your friends over and everyone gets to bring their doggies along! If you don't have the space, have it at the local park. Invite everyone to bring a plate of themed eats. Have fun with your friends while your dogs can have fun with theirs! Let us know your ideas! Read more...

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