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Choosing The Right Dog

My experience on adopting an adult dog – twice!

Saphiref3 Duluxm1  By Jolanda Spies

After being dog-less for a couple of years, we moved to a new house with a dog-friendly yard. As soon as the contract was signed, I started dog-hunting. I found the Furkidz website and saw so many possible pooches, I started writing the names down, but soon the list was too long. So I took the children and we went "shopping" to all the animal shelters in our area. There are so many, it's just unbelievable.

At AACL in Bellville-South we saw her! She had the most beautiful, soulful eyes, a terrier-beard and rough wired hair. Not the beauty queen of the shelter, but she attracted us immediately. We took her out to the run and interacted with her. She was shy and not very responsive to us, but everything else fitted us like a glove. We visited some other shelters, but finally went back to play with her again. And so one year old Saphire (renamed Gracie) became ours. We took her home the day we moved into the new house. Read more...

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