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Help Us To Help All FurKidz And Donate Today!

FurKidz is a registered Non-Profit-Organisation (NPO No 082-865), our mission is to ensure that no animal is euthanized for lack of a home and we depend solely on donations.

Please help our FurKidz, your donation will make a very real difference!

Donate via PayPal: click here

Your donation is secure and will be made directly through PayPal . Click the "Donate" button below. Give what you can, every cent counts. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.


Donate via PayFast: click here

PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africa which makes it safe for buyers to send money without disclosing financial information and completely free of charge.With PayFast, you can pay via Internet banking, credit card and even cash (with Ukash)! 

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Donate via EFT:


Beneficiary: FurKidz

Cheque Account: 62266858194

Branch Code: 201409

Bank: FNB


Order Now & Support FurKidz!


MuttMix  Know Your Dog with DNA! South Africa's first and only mixed breed identification test.You can do the test at home, no vet required!

To lend a helping hand to mutts in need, Biped will donate R100 to FurKidz for each kit that's processed, so please mention FurKidz when you order.

Using Muttmix is very simple - if you've ever watched CSI, you'll know how to use it. Order your kit using the order link, then follow the steps below to complete the process. The kit contains more detailed instructions (which are very easy to follow).

Inside the kit you'll find a customer information card, a prepaid envelope and a paper sleeve containing two swabs.

Step 1: Remove the swabs from the paper sleeve.


Step 2: Place the cotton swab in the dog's mouth and brush the inside of the cheek or brush the gums with the swab firmly for at least 10 seconds. This process is not painful or harmful to the dog. Repeat the swabbing process with the second swab.


Step 3: Allow the swabs to air-dry for 30 minutes, then place the swabs back into the paper sleeve.Send back both swabs and the completed Customer Information card using the included prepaid envelope.


Step 4: Complete payment for processing via credit card or direct deposit using the payment link. The cost for a MuttMix Kit is R845.

Step 5: MuttMix will send you a certificate with the list of breeds detected, behavioural information on each breed and information on typical disease risks. This will help you to understand your dog's personality and be aware of potential health issues.The process takes about 6 weeks from the day the sample has been received to final results.

Click here to order your MuttMix Kit and please mention FurKidz, your support is essential for our work.

Please Save Those Bread Tags!

Bread_tags    Have you often heard about people saving bread tags, but you haven't the foggiest why they save them?? Well, I recently had the privilege to listen to a most interesting talk on the value of bread tags.

The delightful lady who has made it her passion to collect these tags is Mary Honeybun (and does she live up to her name!!). Small collection boxes are placed at many outlets, encouraging people to deposit their tags therein. Mary then collects the tags, sorts through them and cleans the dirty ones (yes, not all are clean – some are covered in jam or butter or other sticky substances). After that laborious task they are weighed and put into I kilogram bags (+- 2828 tags). Read more...

TEARS "Black Nose" School Competition


TEARS is a Pro-life, non-profit organisation whose core aim is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-unite and re-home lost, abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats. This year we will be raising awareness of our organization through the launch of our Black Nose. We are submitting our fundraising proposal to all the schools in the Western Cape.

We are selling the black nose for R10 each. The funds that are raised will assist us with the following:

  • To deworm a dog, cat, puppy or kitten - which in a disadvantaged community costs R10.

  • To sponsor the feeding costs of one of our rescued pets at our shelter - this costs R100 a month.

  • Pay-For-A-Spay - for just R100 we can cover the sterilization cost of an underprivileged pet, preventing thousands of animals being born into a life of suffering!

  • Our long-term vision is to raise sufficient funds to build our new shelter of excellence on our new property, Wenga Farm.

  • The competition is open to all participating schools, to see who can purchase the most Black Noses.

  • Wonderful prizes for the best decorated black nose!

If your school would like to participate in our Black Nose Event, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Marge Kruyt

TEARS Marketing Manager

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

021 788 6475

084 805 8185


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