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And they lived happily ever after...

224389_209829532368863_153244491360701_779257_5797599_n By Linda Harding / The Squashed Tomato

As an animal activist, it's more often than not that all I see everywhere is bad news. News of animal abuse and neglect, of irresponsible and selfish owners, and pictures of desperate, hopeful furry faces staring at me through my computer screen, seem to flood my days. Every day at FurKidz, we post a "Forever Home Seeker of the Day" on our social media platforms. Recently, we've started posting a "Shelter of the Day" as well. That's a lot of shelter pets looking for homes, and it is easy to become saddened and de-motivated as a result. Which is why, we've decided, it's about high time to start celebrating some good news!

Did you know that, on average, we record about 300 adoptions per month? That's a really awesome figure – that's about 10 pets a day that find their forever homes! Of course, we'd really love to beat that daily figure, but it's a heart-warming start. Those 300 lucky pets find their forever homes each month thanks to YOU, our amazing supporters. Every time you share a link on social media, every time you send an email to a friend with a link to FurKidz, every time you recommend that someone makes use of FurKidz, you're helping to raise that number! Read more...


Maximus has a home!

Maximus_before_2 Maximus_after_4   By Claire Lai Lam

Remember this face? How could you forget it? Maximus lost his upper jaw due to trauma, most likely it had been hacked off using something like a panga; frightful, I know! But his story was one of hope and Maximus received reconstructive surgery from the amazing Dr Steenkamp.

After his post-surgery follow-up, Maximus was given the green light and the search was on for his furever home. However, finding a home for this friendly dog posed quite a challenge for his caretakers at Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre. Over the past 3 months, Maximus had built up a following of people interested in his wellbeing and had become something of a celebrity – he had been featured in newspapers, magazines, even on TV!

And as sometimes happens to new stars, it seems that his celebrity status coupled with mountains of attention from all the people around Maximus, went to his head and he found it difficult to share the limelight with other dogs. This is so unfortunate as most people who have room in their homes and hearts for a new dog already have dogs. Maximus loved the families that visited him and who went through the pre-adoption screening process, but he just didn't get along with their poochkids. After meeting several families with no luck, Wet Nose decided that it would be best for Maximus to be an only dog. And so the search continued for a month until... Read more...


Superfood Spirulina

dog_eating   Read what Paul Jacobson a Pet Food Nutritionist, qualified chef and owner of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition recommends: 

Supplementation of your pets diet is extremely important. One of my preferred supplements is Spirulina.

Spirulina contains a remarkable combination of vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants. These vital substances work in synergy to assist in immune enhancement, disease prevention, the promotion of healthy bowel flora and general well-being.

All vitamins and minerals in Spirulina are present as natural, organically-bound complexes. Unlike synthetic combinations of isolated vitamins and minerals, these complexes are easily recognized by the body and are therefore highly bio-available, spirulina provides superior nutrition. 

Spirulina has the highest protein content of any natural food. Spirulina contains between 65 and 70% protein. This is 270% more protein than fish, 334% more than beef and 556% more than tofu. Read more...


Adorable Puppy Cupcakes!

puppy_cupcakes  Our fantastic regular readers know that we post a new and delicious doggie treat recipe each week, so this one might confuse some of you! This week, we've decided that you also deserve a nice baked treat! These adorable puppy cupcakes, created by Martha Stewart, are the perfect addition to any puppy-themed party. Here at FurKidz, however, we'd like to offer up a challenge to you!

Why not bake a batch or two with friends, and sell them to raise funds for your local animal shelter? Or, host a real puppy party - invite your friends over and everyone gets to bring their doggies along! If you don't have the space, have it at the local park. Invite everyone to bring a plate of themed eats. Have fun with your friends while your dogs can have fun with theirs! Let us know your ideas! Read more...


When pets mourn

grieving_dog   By Claire Lai Lam

Last week we discussed the grieving process that humans go through when they lose a special pet, but what happens for the animals that are left behind? Humans are divided on whether animals can experience loss and grief as well. From research and anecdotes it seems that animals also exhibit behavioural changes after losing a loved one which many people interpret as a grieving process. Charles Darwin, most well known for his ideas around evolution, wrote a book entitled The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. He reflected on how animals share similar emotional expressions to us, including sadness and grief. There are, of course, differences between the way that animals and humans grieve; we are able to grieve for distant relatives, even people we don't know. Animals grieve for companions, those that they are familiar with and see often.

I believe that animals are sensitive souls who possess empathy; think about the way that your pet responds to your excitement, sadness and anger. You, like Cesar Millan, might prefer not to call this empathy, but rather view this as the pet's response to others' energy. Whatever you call it, there is something that happens to our companions when they lose a person or animal that they are close to. Most articles focus on grieving in dogs and far less attention is given to the grief experience of cats; perhaps because we view cats as more independent and less attached to other animals or people. However, it seems that the loss of a significant person or animal has a similar effect on both dogs and cats and this article will explore both. Read more..


Flea Allergy - Soothing the Itch

1itch1   Flea bite dermatitis, also called flea allergy is one of the most common allergic skin disorders in pets and affects both cats and dogs of all ages, genders and breeds.

Dogs that have flea allergy dermatitis are hypersensitive to the saliva a flea passes into the dog's skin when it bites. The bite from a single flea will have a minimal affect on a normal animal, but dogs with flea allergy will experience immediate itching, redness and swelling. Read more...


Featured FurKidz: Our Shepherds

symphony bruno 6-001 sabre

A Wonderful Breed, but High Maintenance!

The German Shepherd is a wonderful breed, but it is a "high maintenance" animal not suited for everyone. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, please take the time to educate yourself about it. 

German Shepherds were bred specifically for their intelligence, a trait for which they are now renowned. They are considered to be the third most intelligent breed of dog, behind Border Collies and Poodles. In the book The Intelligence of Dogs, author Stanley Coren ranked the breed third for intelligence. He found that they had the ability to learn simple tasks after only five repetitions and obeyed the first command given 95% of the time. Coupled with their strength, this trait makes the breed desirable as police, guard, and search and rescue dogs, as they are able to quickly learn various tasks and interpret instructions better than other large breeds. Read more...


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