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Featured FurKid: Maximus ADOPTED!!!

Maximus_before_2 Maximus_1 Maximus_before_1 

The name Maximus means 'the greatest' and, after reading this story, you will agree that this is a perfect fit for a 4-year-old German Shepherd X who has shown great courage and trust and has brought out the greatest in the people that have met him. His story has caught the attention of the media and has been reported in YOU, Huisgenoot, Beeld and on News24.com. Read more...


Ramping up your pet care

Sillery_20   By Linda Harding / The Squashed Tomato

There's nothing dogs like more than to go along in the car or bakkie. They love sticking their heads out of the window and feeling the wind in their ears, tongues lolling out, while their tails wag excitedly behind them. Have you ever paid any attention to how your pooch gets in and out of the car, however? Read more...


Today's Feature: Our lively Jack Russells

 JR_Honeybearf3 JR_Leilaf1 JR_Milo_Wetnose JR_snoopy_Animal_Action  

Little-known facts about Jack Russells

How much do you know about Jack Russell terriers, one of the friendliest and liveliest dogs on the planet? Do you know when they were first bred? Do you know why? We did some digging and found the answers to these questions, plus a whole lot more! Read more...


To Foster or not to Foster!


foster_a_pet  By LEAPS

Please picture this scene. We are sitting in our offices going about our day when we receive a call from someone who has driven past a dog on the highway and we should get someone out there pronto to save this dog! Now we sit with a dilemma – we will not leave a dog out there to die BUT what are we going to do with this doggy if and when we successfully rescue this lost and terrified soul?

Organisations such as us do not have kennelling facilities. When we rescue abandoned, stray, or neglected animals, they are placed in homes just like yours and mine until a forever home is found. So when we head out to that highway and rescue this scared dog, we can literally be sitting in our cars and have no idea where our next stop is. Why is this? Whilst we rescue 1000's of abandoned animals, we only have a handful of foster homes. We always say to our foster parents that they are the guardian angels of our organisations – we genuinely mean it! Without them, these animals are destined for death and it is that simple. Read more...


Pet Supplement: Fish Oil or Flaxseed Oil?

dog_eating   Read what Paul Jacobson a Pet Food Nutritionist, qualified chef and owner of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition recommends: 

Over the last weeks I have presented editorials on the benefits of vegetables in your pet's diet and offering guidance in formulating natural and wholesome food for your beloved companion animals. But what about diet supplementation?

A quality omega 3 is essential in restoring cell damage and should be your first choice supplement. Almost every vet will recommend an Omega 3 when treating skin disorders and inflammation. Read more...


Garth Stein: The Art of Racing in the Rain

9780007281190    This is one of those "forever" books: You'll keep it forever,
    return to it forever, recommend it forever.

     Author: Garth Stein
     Format: Softcover, 336 Pages 
     Publication Date: March 2009
     ISBN :9780007281190
     Price: R106.21


Enzo, the family dog is the narrator. He tells us the story of Denny and his family as if we were right there with them. There are hilarious happenings, comforting times and....I must warn you.....heart-wrenching moments. Read more...


Fun Facts about your FurKidz

18_6_orig   By Linda Harding / The Squashed Tomato

Your pet is your companion, your friend, a member of your family. You know what his favourite treats are, when he wants to go outside and how to brush him in just the right way. In fact, you know everything about him... or do you?  Read more...


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