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Introducing a new cat to your cat


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Wouldn’t it be nice if it only took a brief handshake and a “Hello, my name is…” to introduce a new cat to your cat? Yes it would be really nice, but that is just a dream. Read how to introduce a new cat to YOUR cat in a few steps.

You can’t force your animals to like each other and you mustn’t throw them together in a sink-or-swim situation and hope they’ll work it out.

Cats are very independent and in general they don’t like to share. They also dislike change, and a new cat in the house is a very big change.

Some cats are naturally more sociable than other cats. For example, an 8-year-old cat that has never been around other animals might never learn to share her territory with other pets in the house. But an 8-week-old kitten separated from her mom and her siblings for the first time might be glad to have a cat or dog companion. And while some cats are particularly playful, others just want a warm, comfortable place to nap and view the outside world.

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The most important thing is to be very patient! Cats are territorial, and some are clearly more territorial than others, so the time required for the introduction process can take from a few days to a few weeks or even a few months in extreme cases. First impressions can be lasting impressions when it comes to cats. All of this means that your current cat and your new cat need to be introduced very slowly so they can get used to each other: 

First, the newcomer must be isolated. Upon arrival, the newcomer should be brought directly into the isolation area. The existing cat will have the run of the house except for the area designated for the newcomer cat. Keep the cats separated for about 5-7 days. For animals, smells are more important than appearances, so you should to get your pets used to each other’s scent before they meet face-to-face (this is possible through the door of the isolation area). Visit your new cat at least 3-4 times a day in the isolated area (i.e. bathroom or your bedroom).

After that time of warming up, it’s time to move forward. The next step will allow them to see each other without full body contact. It’s very important that they don’t fight. You can bring the new cat in a carrier to meet your cat(s) and sniff each other though the carrier wire door so that they can see but neither cat can fit his head through the door. They will be able to touch noses, whack each other with their paws and investigate without body contact. Place the carrier on the floor and allow them to meet this way several times a day for about an hour. This may take several days and depends on each cat. Do not proceed to the final step until the cats seem relatively calm in each other’s presence.

The final step is to open the door. Let the new cat out into the rest of the house for a few minutes. The length of the visits can be increased gradually each day. This process may take a few days or a few months depending on the personalities of the cats. Stay on the sidelines; don’t interfere. The existing cat may stalk and chase the newcomer. This is typical territorial behavior. The newcomer may do the same if the existing cat enters the isolation room. Do not leave them unsupervised. If any actual fighting appears imminent while you are supervising, put the newcomer back in his/her room and proceed more slowly.

If you are lucky, they may do some mutual sniffing and so on, and you’re on your way to success. Maybe they sit and stare at each other, and then you can dangle toys in front of them. This may encourage them to play together. This may go on for a few days or something, and then you’ll probably find them both sleeping on your bed. If you don’t have luck, they may be stressed. Sometimes they may only make a lot of noise. But, as soon as there are signs of aggression (flattened ears, growling, spitting, crouching) make a loud noise by for example clapping your hands to distract them. Never try to break up a fight by picking one up.

If the cats fight repeatedly, you may need to start the introduction process all over again and maybe consider getting advice from a vet or animal behaviorist.

Important is that you make sure, that all animals have a place to escape to. Every cat needs their own litter box plus best an extra one. Try to keep your resident pets’ routine as close to what it was before the newcomer’s arrival and have your pets examined by your vet before introductions to make sure they’re all healthy.

Maybe you will find your perfect newcomer cat at HAWS! Look at all these beautiful cats and fall in love.

Call Tanja on 0764550322 for more information


Featured FurKidz: Ark Animal Center

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to today's Puppy Match between "Team Cuteness" and the "Adorable Bs". This is your opportunity to see 8 of the most stunning South Africa Pups compete against each other! Special venue of the day – the ARK Animal Centre in Midrand, Gauteng!

Game Prediction

Let's have a closer look at the players of "Team Cuteness":

Samsora4 ADOPTED! :) ADOPTED! :) Tyron

In the defence: Boerboel Cross Samsora, you just can't fool this big boy because he knows exactly what happens next. But if you try to trick him anyway, he will cuddle you down immediately!

The midfielders: Chilli and Mustard, each of them very spicy but together a hot mixture! Very excited about every new game, the Jack Russell Crosses are - despite their young age - already settled within their team and very confident at Match Days!

The attacker: Tyron is indeed a great mixture of serenity and enthusiasm. Some also call him "Dr. Cutie Pie", because of his special attitude which stuns everyone.

No let's focus on the "Almighty Bs":

Bruno4 Blue4 buddyark bella_ark

Definitely one of the youngest teams so far (all under the age of 8 weeks), the "Bs" stick to the active style of play. These Crosses enjoy the attention of their uncountable fans and visitors.

While Bruno, Blue and Buddy are taking over the defence and midfield, Bella is the striker of their team! The "Bs" are energetic and represent today's young puppy generation, a very special team with a unique aura!

Rumours are spreading that all 8 players are thinking of a transfer to new teams, maybe this is your chance? We recommend you do not wait too long and open your hearts and homes, you won't find such stunning personalities every day! Written by Christian Hoepperger

Call Tracey or Cara at Ark Animal Centre on 082 334 7596 to find out more and click here to see all their "players" 


Featured FurKidz: Black and tan beauties at HAWS

Anne_dog_m_4 braddog1_2 ricky4 milton1

Don't you just love dogs with black and tan colored coats? Dark and shiny black with a hint of brown and sometimes a cute white spot on the chest. That's simply beautiful! HAWS (Haartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society) takes care of eight of those special friends.

Tiny for example. A beautiful Rottweiler cross, who is absolutely not tiny, but large and impressive! Milton and Hechtor, on the other hand, are really small 1 year old Dachshund boys who love attention. They share a kennel with Ricky, a six months old boy who is full of energy. And for even younger black and tan dogs, have a look at the two adorable Rottweiler cross puppies! With all these different black and tan buddies there is something to each person's liking! So if you are looking for a special friend visit the black and tan FurKidz at HAWS!

HAWS is situated in Haartbeespoort, about a 40 minutes drive from Pretoria. The adoption manager Tanja is very helpful and knowledgeable. You can come over from Monday till Friday from 7.30 till 16.00. On Saturday and Sunday you can visit from 7.30 till 12.00. For more info contact Tanja on 0764550322. Click here to see all the dogs at HAWS!

Tiny_m braddog2_4 hechtor7 Vodka_m_4


Featured FurKidz: Still searching for your perfect match?

Adidas P1180039 P1180068 Pom_Toy_X_f_5

You are looking for a new family member and best friend? Come and visit the AACL in Bellville!

They have about 35 dogs and pups and also about 10 cats and kittens waiting for their forever home. AACL Bellville is doing a great job taking care of all their animals and will be able to answer all your questions abut them, so pop by and spend some time to find out which is your perfect match.

At the moment there are nine super cute little puppies waiting for you, these playful little munchkins are so adorable! But please do not forget to have a look at the young adults, they are already out of the naughty puppy stage and are much more easy to train and will quickly adjust to your lifestyle. 

In the cattery you will find young adults and super cute and tiny kittens. Every single one of these cutie pies is special and needs a loving home.

Don't delay, adopt TODAY!

For more information please contact Helen or Alma at the Animal Anti Cruelty League in Bellville on 021 951 3010 

alfie Brown_Pomeranian_f_4 Archie Spooky



AACL Epping: From Us To You

Dear animal-lover,

We are sending you this letter because you are our last chance to get out of the shelter and to become happy.

Shepherd tammy bonjo socks

We, that is Shepherd, Tammy, Bonjo, Socks and my other friends below, are all looking for a safe and warm home. We hope to find a family that can provide us with food, but most importantly, with lots of love and cuddles. It is really strenuous to sit in our kennels day in, day out and not knowing where our next scratch comes from. Please, come to the shelter, spend some time with us and get to know us! You won't regret it!! We can't wait to meet you!

BullmBoxer satara crunchie boerboelxlab

Yours sincerely,

The homeless doggies at AACL Epping

P.S.: If you like to check out who else is looking for a perfect family, click here or contact Veronica on 021 534 6426 for more information.


Featured FurKidz: TEARS - Animal Rescue

Simba webster4 Tessa Bianca

Located close to Cape Town, Tears Animal Rescue provides shelter to strays, unwanted and even confiscated dogs and cats, following the motto 'Where tears of sadness become tears of joy!"

Everything started in January 1999, when TEARS was founded by two friends of Emma Geary- Cooke. It was her vision and dream to open an animal welfare organisation, but she tragically died in a car accident two weeks before the opening. Her followers named the shelter in memory of Emma Geary-Cooke, The Emma Animal Rescue Society. Since then TEARS renders a huge service to the animal world, hundreds of animals have been rescued, supplied with food and human interaction, and finally rehomed.

To enrich the lives of their shelter dogs walking days were introduced at TEARS and the volunteer dog walkers meet every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  As any other animal shelter TEARsS is reliant on volunteers and everyone is warmly welcomed, so come and join in the walk.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact TEARS on 021 785 4482 or just pop by at the shelter in Fishoek.

Chanel Thandi Jet Hazel_new


Featured FurKidz @ Kitty and Puppy Haven

mars toto Billy toby

Oh please, take your time and have a look at these "havenly" puppies residing at Kitty and Puppy Haven in 271 Corlett Drive. 

chip panda doc lony nem

If you are looking to adopt a young cat or dog you will find your perfect match right there! For any further information about these stunning boys and girls, please contact Kitty and Puppy Haven on 011 440 2404, click here to see all their pups looking for homes!

cricket chewbakka teddy apllo


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