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TOPIC: Willow & Carli
Willow & Carli 5 Years, 2 Months ago  
Willow & Carli are my most recent African Tails fosters and will ALWAYS hold a very near and dear space in my heart. I still miss them both terribly!

Willow and her sibling Carli arrived flea and lice infested after being rescued from the Visserhok dumpsite. It was love at first sight when collecting them to come and live with me and I knew I was in for lots of puppy love and licks (my favourite!)

They settled into my home with Trigger (my 9 year old Maltese X Terrier rescue and LOVE of my life) quite comfortably and soon stole the hearts of everyone who met them. They both arrived with runny tummies (which with rescues is quite normal) and after a visit to the vet for their first inoculations were given medicine to sort out and put on a diet of chicken and rice (YUMMY!)

After a couple of days on their meds their tummies weren't getting any better and I noticed Carli didn't seem to be overly interested in her food. Alarm bells immediately went off and being paranoid as I am I was on the phone with AT head-office. I rushed them both off the the Tyger Berg Animal Hospital where my worst nightmare unfolded .. they were both diagnosed with Parvo Virus (now for anyone who has ever experienced this there is NOTHING worse! and if you are new to the term, Google it!). They were both given injections for the pain and to control the nausea and vomiting and sent home with me to be returned to Dr Le Roux at Brackenfell Animal Hospital the next day. This turned out to be the longest night of my life. Carli was in pain the whole night and I could do nothing for her - it was absolutely heart wrenching. Parvo Virus basically attacks the gut so they could keep nothing in and leads to dehydration. I was up the entire night doing the little that I could - cleaning up vomit, syringing water and basically telling them to be strong.

They were admitted the next morning and the next few days were some of the longest I have EVER had to experience. After being with Dr Le Roux for 4 days and receiving the BEST care possible Willow was able to come home to me. I cannot explain the relief when he called for me to collect her! Carli on the other hand was not doing so well, but he was positive she still stood a chance. His positivity made me positive. Sadly however Carli's little immune system could no longer fight and she passed away (pain free and peacefully) on my birthday (25 April 2010). She made me so proud as she really had put up an incredibly brave fight!

I decided to focus on the positive - Willow was alive, and after being home with me absolutely flourished. She was bouncing around as though she had never been knocking on deaths door. I was a SERIOUSLY proud foster mom! After being in recovery with me for 2 weeks and showing no signs of illness it was time to put her up for adoption (with a heavy heart). Going through such an emotional time with her really made me feel bonded to her. After meeting a couple of potential families the right one came along a few weeks later (just down the road from me - allowing regular visits). After alot of tears she was handed over to her new family and I have received reports that she is having the time of her life! She has a brother the same age as her so its PLAY,PLAY,PLAY. I haven't been brave enough to visit just yet, but plan on going within the next few weeks.

So that's my most recent happy homing tale ... (not all sunshine, but then again when is anything ever perfect!)

I am fosterless at the moment - but look forward to be-friending the next one in need of a little love and care. It is the most rewarding job in the world!

For pics of the two angels see ...


Dominique Rossouw
Dominique Rossouw
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Re: Willow & Carli 4 Years, 8 Months ago  
I admire you for your courage and perseverance. I do have such a yearning to help foster, but our municipality must be the most dog-unfriendly in the country. Only 2 dogs per property - and I already have 2 rescues on site. Not for adoption, this is their forever home.
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